Turn-Key Solutions

More and more frequently, clients look for solutions which allow them to completely delegate all the technical phases of a project, from studies to entry into service, and sometimes beyond. Stellar Space provides turnkey solutions for a wide spectrum of clients in industry and buildings, infrastructure and institutions. Turn-Key is the ability to perform all aspects of a job - from planning to "turning the key."

Stellar Space brings diverse expertise starting with Architectural & Engineering Design, Procurement, Inspection & Quality Assurance, Construction Management & Executions / Commissioning to provide turnkey consultancy and solutions to the interested companies who wish to put such projects in any part of the country. With its focus as a Solution Provider, Stellar Space has a team of experts who have decades of experience in managing turnkey projects from concept to commissioning.

The major benefit to our clients with Stellar Space team would be a focused management, improved efficiency, streamlined project delivery and optimized services. The turnkey approach also reduces the client’s exposure, moving the element of risk to the turnkey company.

Turnkey Projects, combining all of Stellar Space’s know-how offers:

  • Optimized costs, limited overheads and controlled budget.
  • On time project development and delivery.
  • Flexible methodology and innovative ideas.
  • The guarantee of sustainable global performance.
  • Reliability/Availability/Maintenance/Safety.

With the help of a focused approach on diverse fields of work, a team of skilled and multi-disciplined professionals take over the customer’s project and bring it to its logical completion. The mantra of putting our customer first, is ingrained in the DNA of each professional.